My goals for this month, 6 months to a year

My Cardio goal for this month is to continue walking at least 4x a week & to work on an additional strengthening routine on those days
My weight goal is to lose 1lb this month (my weight varies from 130.8-132 within a week)
My Measurements goal is to lose 1/2 overall

My 6 month goal is to have lost at least 4-5lbs, lost 1″-1″ 1/2 overall and to be working out 4-5 days a week. I hope to be running within 6 months

My goal for a year from now is for me to maintain my activity level, to be training for my 2nd half marathon and to stay at a healthy weight (~125lbs)

In case you didn’t read my first post;
My measurements are,  I am 5’1, Waist:32″ L arm: 11″ 3/4 R arm: 11″ 1/2 L calf: 14″ R calf: 14″ Hips/Butt:39″ R Thigh:22″1/2 L Thigh: 22″1/4

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