My reason for this blog

I am 30 year old woman who has always liked fitness though in the last 3-4 years I have not been as active. During college I weighed about 120-132 now I weigh ~130. Of course my body does not nearly look the same as it did then as I was much more toned. After college I gained weight weighing ~150 this changed my body in ways I did not realize until now. 

I was running all of last year and completed my first 1/2 marathon in Nov 2013. I was excited and was looking forward to completing some more this year until I was in a car accident. After some weeks of not doing much I probably put on about 3-5lbs I’m not really sure. I asked the Dr if I could start walking for exercise and he said I could but no more than an hr. I’m glad to be doing something again.

As I started walking and trying to rethink my fitness I started looking at different fitness challenges,  routines, and diets and just wanted to know what really works for others. Not really finding any I then decided to created this blog to share my thoughts on different 30 day challenges, recipes, work outs, gear and to show others my real results. Thanks to my awesome boyfriend who supports me in many ways, i was able to get some photos and measurements.

Here is my starting point for the blog:

  I am 5’1 and my measurements are Waist:32″ L arm: 11″ 3/4 R arm: 11″ 1/2 L calf: 14″ R calf: 14″ Hips/Butt:39″ R Thigh:22″1/2 L Thigh: 22″1/4



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