The Fitbit Force … my Valentine’s gift from my love …

My boyfriend got me a few things from my wish list for Valentine’s. I asked that he not get me any candy, stuff animals or flowers all too overpriced for the day. Our one year anniversary is next week so why not cut him some slack lol. He got me the 1,000 Places to See before you die, a slick case/bag for our Windows Surface and … drumroll please…  the Fitbit Force and it only took minutes for me to fall in love with.

So far for one full day of use I love it. I linked it to my Fitness Pal account and love how they work so well together. It has really worked to make me be more active. I hope this will help in my weight lost efforts. After a week of use I write a update on the fitbit experience. And once I start running again I will see how all three apps work together as I use RunKeeper to track my runs.

**Fitbit Update**

The Fitbit Force is now recalled but the Fitbit Charge is the equivalent. The Fitbit works great with the MyFitnessPal in that it helps give you a more accurate calorie number. What I mean is that at my most sedentary I burn 1200 calories; I’m 5’1, weigh about 125, walk about 2 miles and I’m 30 years old. So what does that mean? I need to burn more calories or eat less to lose weight. Well I’m not going to eat less than 1200 calories a day so I need to up my calorie burn to 2000. If you are not sure if you want this watch, let me tell you that it is a great investment. It helps you realize that you don’t naturally burn 2000 calories like the dumb Nurtition Facts states, and that is why we cannot lose weight. We eat more calories than we even remotely burn. Ever wonder why you don’t lose weight? This is probably why, because you assume you burn more calories than you do.


It also tracks your sleep which is also important in weight loss. It is crucial to sleep 7-8 hours to help in weight loss. So I would highly recommend the Fitbit over any other watch. The other neat thing is that you can add your friends and have a friendly step competition.


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