13 day update…

It has been 13 days since I started this blog and its been 8 days since I’ve had my fitbit.

Update: 30 Day Kettle bell challenge
Its been about 2 weeks since I’ve started the challenge. The first week I did it for 2 days and the 2nd week I did it 3 days for 3 reps. While I only completed 1, 2, & 4 with very light weights it was still intense. My goal this week is to try to add a lil more weight and do it at least three times in addition to my usual 45 min walks.

Update: Fitbit Force
I love my fitbit force despite the recall. I have not had a reaction to the band though I’ve only  had it for a week.  It has made me more active and has made me realize that I have not been burning as many calories as I thought I was. On a typical day I was lucky to burn 1500 calories while I ate just under that. Now with the fitbit I work towards burning 2000, which for me is about 18k steps! For anyone that has debated getting a fitbit I say go for it! It will help you get to your goal weight. In one week I am now down a lb! Today we took a hike then did some workouts at home. Here’s an awesome screen shot of what it tracks.


Update: measurements
I do have to note that the measurements maybe skewed as we (the beau & I) didn’t really remember where we measured before

I am 5’1 and the measurements are after 13 days
            2/10              2/23
Weight: 132lbs 129lbs -3lbs
Waist: 32″              30″ 3/4   
L arm: 11″ 3/4      11″
R arm: 11″ 1/2      11″
L calf: 14″               14″
R calf: 14″               14″
Hips/Butt: 39″        39″
R Thigh: 22″1/2       21″
L Thigh: 22″1/4      21″





And we like to stay active as a family (my bf, niece and I)


My love likes motivational posters in our home gym; I picked that one out “You will not enjoy this”

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