Ran my first mile since my accident

Finally after what felt like forever (really 2 months) I ran my first mile. I was running about 6 miles easy when I was running before so I was both excited to run again and a tad bit nervous.  While I have been walking at least 3 miles most days I wasn’t sure how I would feel. It felt great to run around the neighborhood again. I felt like I had a good pace and my body almost felt 100%. When I finished my run I checked my time it was 11:45; I was slightly disappointed since I was running about 10min miles before. But then I remembered that I felt great and my body felt like I had a good run. After my run I walked on the treadmill and finished my workout with some upper body strength training. The best thing about today is that Gabriel (my bf) and I got to work out together.  My bf is supportive and just makes me feel great during our workouts best QT ever. I love when he makes sure I have the right posture and form.

And he takes great pics of me


After our work out we had some lemon pepper tilapia, steamed broccoli,  & boiled red potatoes (my fave)…. I also sneaked in a cookie 🙂

Hope everyone had a great day and got a good workout too. 

My fitbit stats for today:


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  1. You shouldn’t be disappointed with your time. It’s great that you can run again. It’s natural that you’ll be slower after not having run for a while, but you’ll find that with regular training you’ll quickly get back to your old level of fitness.

  2. Tiffaspilla says:

    wow, that’s so awesome! great job girl, way to bounce back from an accident, that takes alot of determination and courage! I’m a fitness blogger and i love reading other people’s blogs, keep it up!

  3. okay so dont feel bad really. i would happy to just run a mile let alone walk a mile lol. today is the day im throwing all junk and soda and processed food away!! Let my journey begin!!

  4. NoSanchez says:

    Thank you all, yes I am happy with my time and that I can run again. And Janis I look forward to seeing the changes 🙂

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