Rocked 2 miles!

Today’s weather made me not want to workout.  I was on my treadmill trying to motivate myself to run a mile though it was humid and muggy.  After walking about 3/4 of mile I get a phone call from my bf asking me to pick him up from his run down the street at the SA River Trail.

I hopped in my car and drove over to Espada Park. On the way there, Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado came on and it rocked my socks. It pumped me up, I decided to run my old spot the SA Mission Reach on the river.  Since my boo had Redbox dvds to return, I asked him to pick me up at the San Juan Mission 2 miles down (and on the way hm). I got out of the car, set my RunKeeper and ran.

My goal was to try to hit my 10min mile pace, since I hadn’t ran more than a mile in the last 3 months, and my last week I ran at a 11:45min pace. I was motivated and wanted to beat him to the next Mission;I pushed and felt great even in the humidity.  My strides were great; I felt really great, did I mention I felt great? And I did it! As I was coming to bridge who do I see driving up my bf & niece.

The best part was hearing that I did my first mile just under 10mins at 9:57 and that motivated me more. I was extra excited running my 2nd mile in 9:45 and finishing 2 miles in 19 mins 56 secs.

Those were times that I would have dreamt of months ago when I was training for my half. Well I guess all my walking (about 5 miles a day), stairs ( about 25 flights a day)  and kettle bell challenge these past few weeks has really built up my strength.

While, I won’t officially start running more it felt great to get in these 2 miles.

Now to the Fitbit Force,  I love it. It pushes me to get 12k steps a day and put in at least 5 miles each day. I do have to say that it did not accurately track my mileage on my run. I think this is because my stride is longer when I run, meaning I take less steps to reach a mile. Since the Fitbit tracks only my steps its distance tracker was off from my RunKeeper.

That would be something for Fitbit to work on to make they’re already awesome product even better


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