Nike+ Vs. RunKeeper

When I first started tracking my runs last year I tried a few apps. Someone suggested the Nike+ and the pretty screen shots were nice.

I liked it (Nike+) at first and enjoyed how it gave you a total of your miles and ranked you against your friends ( I have a lot of friends with Nike+).   I enjoyed using it for a couple of months then it started giving me errors; I noticed that at times if the GPS signal went out that it would change the distance -_- and at times it would do the reverse making my time faster some how. The last straw was when I kept getting an error during a load up hence I couldn’t get it to track my run. I was very frustrated and started looking for another app.  I do have to say the coolest feature of the Nike+ app is that it could recognize some motivating songs on your playlist and you can set it to play them when your pace drops!

I had previously been using Google Tracks which did the job but it was boring. It didn’t give you a summary or total of miles and there was no cool screen shot.

I then happened upon RunKeeper. I do believe RunKeeper is more accurate than the Nike+ app. I have had a few glitches here and there but nothing as frustrating as the Nike+ app. While you can listen to your music through the app there’s nothing there you can’t do with your own music player app. It also syncs with MyFitnessPal which is awesome because it takes the work from manually adding it. I upgraded my RunKeeper to be able to Live Broadcast my runs (which I have’t done yet) but I would have to say that the upgrade is not worth it. The only reason would be to create a Live Broadcast where others can track you.  Another cool feature (not sure if the Nike+ has this or not) on RunKeeper has a way to set up a Running Training scale based on your goals. It even does interval training. Overall I liked RunKeeper better mainly because I have had less app errors than with the Nike+.

In Google Play both apps have about a 4.5 star rating. Nike+ does have a better interface appeal but if the app error is getting on your nerves RunKeeper is a great alternative.



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