28 Day Update

Last week I was 127.6 and today I’m 127.2 a loss of 0.4 … almost half a pound. My weight loss has definitely slowed down but now I have to continue to challenge myself to hit my first goal weight of 125lbs.

I had been doing the kettle bell challenge for the past 3 weeks but this last week I have slacked off. This month I started the Ab Challenge, next week I will post about it.

My diet consists of mostly fruits, veggies, tuna, lean meats and I try not to eat too many processed foods. I only drink water and coffee. I will post a link to my fitness pal soon. I track what I eat daily I currently have a 30 day streak. I eat about 1200 calories and burn 1800-2200 k cals depending on my activity level.  I also track my steps and other activities on my Fitbit Force. It definitely pushes me to meet my calorie burn every day.

I am 5’1 and the measurements are after 28 days
            2/10              3/10
Weight: 132lbs   127.2lbs  -4.8lbs
Waist: 32″              29″ 1/2   
L arm: 11″ 3/4      11″ 1/2
R arm: 11″ 1/2      11″ 1/2
L calf: 14″               13″
R calf: 14″               13″
Hips/Butt: 39″        37″ 3/4
R Thigh: 22″1/2       21″
L Thigh: 22″1/4      21″

Here are my pics:





There are some changes and finally my back is losing some fat lol. I order an Ab Extension bench and a rower machine to add to our home gym … I will see how those two help.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. alaisdairjdewar says:

    Hello! I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award for bloggers. But you need to also further nominate your fav blogs. Read about rules here:

  2. Hi! Great job on your progress. I would be happy to help you with any workout tips! I also suggest that you invest in a scale that reads body composition.

    1. NoSanchez says:

      I have scale that reads water, fat, muscle & bone density … I just don’t feel like the body fat percentage is accurate. It says about 27% body fat

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