InMotion Rowing Machine

I wanted to add another cardio machine to our home gym and wanted something that would help work out my back as well. What better than a row machine. I have never tried one before so unfortunately I have nothing to compare it to. The row machine came in on Thursday and I’ve only used it once.  I purchased this from for $89.99 with a 10% discount for being a first time customer.  It also came with Free Shipping; I ordered it Sunday and got it Thursday.

My boyfriend put it together in about 30 minutes.  It came with some tools for you to use but he prefers using his Kobalt tools.  He said it was easy to put together.

For myself I thought it was easy to use. There was no real instructions on form so make sure to look that up. My doctor told me to make sure I keep my abs engaged and to make sure i don’t roll my back. It was definitely tough for me at the lowest resistance.  I’m 5’1 and i feel comfortable in the seat and can reach the handles with ease. I used gloves because my hands get calluses easily.

He said it wasn’t too tough at the highest resistance for him. He lifts regularly so he has plenty of upper body strength.  He said it would be a good warm up alternative.  He is 5’9 and also didn’t feel any length constraints.

I’m looking forward to using the row machine and get rid of some of my back fat.




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