Weigh in Wednesday …

It seems like everyone weighs in on Wednesdays, and I guess now I will too. Its been 37 days since I’ve started this blog and started my 1 week picture progress.  Well this past week I worked hard, ate right and even started running regularly. 

Unfortunately I am disappointed in my results I feel like one of those biggest loser contestants that has a bad weigh in.

These past 7 days I have kept my calorie intake to about 1200-1300 and I made sure to eat good foods, lots of fiber and protein. I did row machine workouts, running on the other days and alternated between leg and upper body strength training.  Its hard to see little results (number wise) when you work your butt off and not feel demotivated. But hey maybe next week I’ll have a better weigh in. 

Week 5: 37 days later

I am 5’1 and the measurements are after 37 days
            2/10              3/19
Weight: 132lbs   128.2 lbs (last wk i was 127.2)  -3.8lbs
Waist: 32″              29″ 1/2 (no change)
L arm: 11″ 3/4      11″ 1/4 (decrease from last week)
R arm: 11″ 1/2      11″ 1/4 (decrease from last week)
L calf: 14″               13″  1/2 (increase from last week)
R calf: 14″               13″  3/4 (increase from last week)
Hips/Butt: 39″        37″ 1/2 (decrease from last week)
R Thigh: 22″1/2       20″ 1/2 (decrease from last week)
L Thigh: 22″1/4      20″ 3/4 (decrease from last week)

While I did have ups/downs overall progress is progress.  On a side note and very positive side note. I was accepted into the PhD program I applied to!

Below are my weekly update pictures





Please excuse my grumpy face. Oh and I see some of my back fat reducing yay. I want to be ready for swimsuit season 🙂

Thanks for reading,

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  1. gabethebabe says:

    Youre doing great!! Hard works pays off. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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