What’s for Dinner?

It’s always hard to figure out what’s for dinner and its even harder when you’re trying to eat healthy.  I know I have checked out a few books and have only one that I really like (review to come later). But here’s a little something I made tonight.

I didn’t use to care for tuna but lately I have been craving it so much.  Here’s a simple Tuna Melt. I took the tuna straight out of the package and didn’t add anything to it.

1 Starkist – Chunk Light Tuna In Water 1 pouch 2.6oz/74g Calories 70, Carbs 0, Protein 17g
2 Slices Heb Brand Extra Thin Sliced White Bread Calories 140 , Carbs 28, Protein 4g
1 boiled egg sliced Calories 70, Carbs 0, Protein 6g
Heb – 2% Colby Jack Shredded Cheese, 1/8 cup Calories 40, Carbs 0, Protein 4g

Total Calories: 320, Carbs 28g, Fat 11g, Protein 31g
(based on adding totals of packaging)


I preheated the oven to 350 degrees while I prepped everything else. I boiled the eggs. Then I toasted the bread in the toaster, set the bread over a foiled pan. Simply scraped the tuna out of the package on to the bread. Then topped with the sliced egg. (Usually add tomato but didn’t have any today) Then I sprinkled the cheese. I put them in the oven and waited for the cheese to melt. Ta da, not sure how long it took but not very long. I ate them with a dill pickle (which have like 5 calories per serving and 1 carb!)

Everyone at home loved it and like I said it took no time to make maybe 15 mins tops. I know I should probably eat wheat bread but when I compared the labels of the (generic) breads I don’t see much nutritional difference between the two. Eventually I’ll start shelling out the cash for better bread since I can’t give it up.

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