30 Day Push Up Challenge

So this month I will be trying the Push Up Challenge, more on that in a sec.

Well last month me and my bf were “suppose” to do the Ab Challenge; we did the first few days inconsistently and then just stopped all together.  Gabriel said he just hated the monotony of it and we’ve started doing 5 mins of abs from the SWorkIt app. So a failure?, yes, but still not giving up in getting that six pack for the summer.

Now to the Push Up Challenge. . . I got these from the 30 day fitness challenge website. There is an easy beginner Push Up Challenge and a more advance option.  I will be doing the more advance challenge with some coworkers. I believe my bf will be trying the Spartan push up challenge; I may include an update from him.

So far day one is done not too shabby even did them on my toes.



Will you join the challenge?? Which will you try? Share your comments on the challenge… looking forward to some awesome results at least some more toning.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janis L Commerford- says:

    Okay so you got me. I love your blog!! Great job. so when you left i threw away the big red and going to start walking and ima push myself to do the 30-day easy push up challenge. im nervous and quite excited. ill let yo know next monday if i see a difference okay. Thanks!!

    1. NoSanchez says:

      Yay, I’m glad I could be a positive influence 🙂 I will be by Monday so I will ask

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