60 Day Update

Wow! Its been 60 days since starting this blog, where does the time go. Thank you to all my readers I appreciate it & look forward to your comments.

Here is an update on the past last week, I did a little bit of everything,  cardio, strength training & ab work. I run, use kettle bells, rower  and interval training. I use a Fitbit to help me with my step tracking and I try to walk 12k a day (5miles) & 35 flights of stairs. For abs I started using the SWorkIt App and I love it theres a free version and the upgrade is 0.99 cents

As for my food intake I was eating about 1200-1300 calories a day. I just started reading a book called the Drop 10 Diet and its basically about eating healthy super foods that help rev up your metabolism. It suggests a 1600 diet which is a big jump for me but hey why not when it says you can lose 2lbs a week.  For more information about the book read my previous post on it. I only take vitamins and on a rare occasion I’ll have a protein shake with Optimum Nutrition Protein.

I’ve had a minor setback due to a back injury and will not be doing any intense workouts. I will still be working on my daily 12k step and 35 flights goals on my Fitbit.

Here is my update with measurements,  I’m 5’1, 30yo, Hispanic woman. Overall I’m happy I’m losing weight in 2 months I’m down 6lbs almost a pound a week but I’ll take.


Overall I’m excited and look forward to trying out some of the Super Foods suggested in the Drop 10 Diet Book





How do you stay active?  What do you do when you’re injured?

Thanks for reading,  I look forward to the comments

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