Drop 10 Diet*: Week 1

*Click here to learn more about the Drop 10 Diet by Lucy Danziger.

Last week, after reading the book, I started implementing “Super Foods” into my diet. Essentially these are foods that help you lose weight and provide you with many other nutrients we need to keep our bodies in tip top shape. When I read the first pages of the book I was excited by what I read. I could eat 1600 (had been eating  1200/1300) a day and lose weight???? No way.

So I read further and looked over the meals you could choose to add to your meal plan. All foods that are pretty easy to make, looked yummy and I would say pretty regular foods. To see what I ate over the past week look over My Fitness Pal diary.

Still skeptical … me too… I even had Chili’s, wings with a friend, a piece of chocolate cake over this past week and I was still able to lose weight. I also haven’t worked out in the past week due to a back injury. This shows that the diet* alone can help you lose the weight.*i don’t like the word diet because this is not a fad but actual healthy eating; nothing special to buy, no crazy rules or loss of your favorite foods.

One random thing that I have noticed now is that I don’t crave bread or processed carbs like Cereal, hmmm. I wonder why that is?

Now to the good stuff my starting weight on 4/10/2014 was 125.6 today, 7 days later 124.6lbs that’s one pound down with a simple change in foods and no excerise. I can’t wait to be able to exercise again and tone up!

That’s a big loss for someone my size and I just added food to my normal foods. I can’t wait to see the results once I can get back to my workout routine. Bikini season you ain’t ready lol

Have you tried adding Super Foods to your diet? Which Super Foods are your favorite?

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