A Monday Surprise

I know it’s not Monday, I just haven’t had time to post about my Monday surprise. I have been raving about the Drop 10 Diet book for the past week and half to anyone that has mentioned wanting to eat healthier or lose weight. The book recommends 30 SuperFoods to eat/add to your regular diet and helps you lose weight. I’m down now about 2.5 lbs since I started adding SuperFoods. Check out My Fitness Pal Diary Entries to see what I eat.

Well on Monday, my honey :), surprised by buying me my own copy of BOTH books as I had borrowed them from the library. Now you may ask why a book and a cookbook? Do you really need both? If you’re like me, then Yes!


The books are written by the editor of Self Magazine, Lucy Danziger.

Here’s a quick 411 on both books (mind you I’ve only really read the first half of the first book and skimmed through the cookbook). If you love details, research and info then the book is good for you. It has a chart that lists all the foods and states what makes it a “Super Food” and bonus weight loss benefits. Then it goes into detail about each food, providing more information on what makes it a Super Food and research to back it up. Then the book explains how to implement the foods into your regular diet to lose weight. It also gives you inspirational stories throughout the book.

The Cookbook, provides you with a shorten version of the first book. It lists the foods and gives a brief description of its “Super” food powers. It tells you what you’ll need and provides you with more than 100 recipes to use in the Drop 10 Diet. It does not go into detail about how to implement the foods into your diet to lose weight or give you an example of a meal plan like the first book.

I like having both books, as the first book also gives a list of other food/meals that don’t need recipes and are easy to make. I want all the ideas I can get. I have only had the books for almost two weeks and I have started making my own versions of Super Food meals. And the best part?? I get to enjoy all the other foods I’ve been missing too (like CAKE!) and still lose weight.

Happy and Health Eating everyone!

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