San Antonio Family Fit Challenge 5k

Today we (my boyfriend,  daughter & I) completed the District 4 5k, my goal was to run for a personal best. Though I haven’t been training for the run I have been active on developing my core.

I am proud to say that I had an awesome PR for the run today.


I beat my previous PR by 50 secs! This is better than all of last year when I was training for my first half marathon. 

I’m also proud of my little one, she is 9 years old and finished this 5k in 40:10, she was #21 in her division,  #147 in Females & #352 overall. 


Showing off our metals


Now that I’m running again, I have to stress that you take your time when you’re in recovery.  I wanted to get back to running so bad but I waited and kept up my fitness by doing other things. I walked instead,  I sat on a balance ball and even bought a Bosu Ball. All of which I can say have helped not only recover from my back injury but also have helped me drop my times dramatically. 

I hope you all had a great Saturday,  it was great here in San Antonio.  Click here for more about the San Antonio Family Fit Challenge its free and who doesn’t like free? There are various events throughout the summer and am opportunity to win some $ just for participating during the fitness events.

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