Weigh-In Wednesday: 101 Days

It has been about 101 Days since my first post on this blog.  Time sure flies 🙂

The reasoning behind this blog was to show real photos of someone my size (5’1) & age (30) and what I really look like trying to get fit and tone. I often see pictures on Instagram or Pintrest and wonder if they’re edited or if it takes drastic measures. And then looking at magazines for inspiration is like why bother since we know they usually have all the right lighting and make up to look good. That doesn’t motivate me, it de-motivates me, it makes me feel like there is no way to get those abs I see on TV or Magazines; that is what I really really want.

So what have I been doing? Well a little bit of everything. I have tried all kinds of workouts, my new recent workout toy has been a punching bag that was on sale at Academy Sports & Outdoors for only $39.99. I couldn’t pass it up. I run, I hike, I row, I do HIIT workouts and I look online for something different to add to my routines when nothing else seems appealing (Self Magazine has awesome workouts). Whenever I’m stuck on my weight loss I look at what I’m doing and revamp adding a different type of cardio or up weights.

I workout about 4-5 days a week and track my steps with my Fitbit (my current goal is 15k a day). I try to do a cardio workout, then I do strength training for either my upper or lower body and if I still have energy I work on my abs.  Recently I plateau and was becoming frustrated not seeing a big change. I got the Everlast punching bag and not only did the scale move but I began to see a better definition in my abs (my ultimate goal) in just a few days.

To keep my post from becoming a novel, I will be brief about the foods I eat. I track my foods on MyFItnesspal. I don’t believe in diets but I have been focused on eating Super Foods, eating fiber (34g) and protein (100g) daily. To read more about the foods I eat, please read my previous post and for some daily pics check out my Instagram: NoSanchez4

So now after all this blah blah blah here is what everyone likes to see the RESULTS of hard work.  It has been a while since I’ve taken pictures, mainly because I have been lazy but comparing my two photos was definitely a shock. You forget how far you have come until you look back and see the difference, in this case 2 pics next to each other. So I’m down 11lbs and lots of inches.

Date      2/10/2014            5/21/2014

Weight 132                         121

L Arm    11″ 3/4                  11″

R Arm    11″ 1/2                  11″

Waist     32″                         27″ 1/2

Hip/Butt   39″                     36″

L Calf        14″                     13″ 1/4

R Calf        14″                     13″ 1/2

L Thigh     22″ 1/2              19″ 1/2

R Thigh   22″ 1/4              19″ 1/2





And here’s one to show off the beginning of my abs I’m so proud


I didn’t do anything crazy like low carb or starve myself. I didn’t take any supplements or diet pills. I just ate good healthy foods and worked out. I don’t eat fast food (McDonald’s etc) when I eat out (like Chili’s) I make sure to eat super foods. I sometimes drink protein shakes but not often I try to get all my protein from my regular foods.

So now I know yes abs are possible! Yes it takes time and hard work but that’s all worth for the results. 100 days to have that big of difference amazes me. So keep going and you’ll get there too!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Nice job! Your hard work is really apparent in your photos!

  2. NoSanchez says:

    Thank you. Its hard work but its fun too 🙂

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