Goals in Review: Month 4

It has been 4 months since I started my blog and set my goals. I try to take some time to review my goals and set a new monthly goal. Though I didn’t last month it just flew by and I didn’t even realize it.

On the plus side, I have been able to add some more cardio and strength training since my last monthly goal review (Month 2 Goals)

I am still eating SuperFoods  and I am still reading the The Drop 10 Diet book. Of course I’m still reading just means I haven’t finished it lol.

Now back to the goals!

Last Month’s Goals:
One Month Goal (May 10, 2014)
To hit a mid goal weight of 123lbs, get more defined abs/arms and to lose another inch (total overall, waist, arms, & legs). So did I reach my goal?? Yes I did, currently I am about 121-123lbs it seems to be fluctuating more than usual. As far as being more toned, I am definitely more toned now.

Next month’s goal (7/10/14)
To lose about 1-2lbs (120) and to get more definition in my abs

Six Month Goal (Aug 10, 2014)
To hit my new* goal weight 115lbs, maintain my strength training and running 5-6x a week.

*Adjusted to date

My goal for the year from 2/10/14 was for me to maintain my activity level, to be training for my 2nd half marathon and to stay at a healthy weight (120~125lbs). I had been (3/21/14) thinking about signing up for a FULL marathon.

My Updated Goals

I decided to make my year goal (2/10/15) to be at a healthy weight (115~125), keep my activity level, keep my eating clean & healthy. The tentative plan is to train for the Houston Marathon in Jan 2015.

Below are 2 photos to show some progress, in the first picture I was training for my half marathon and was eating not so healthy. I was probably running about 3-5 miles a day 4-5 days a week, no strength training and i weighed about 130. In the second picture (now) I eat SuperFoods, do cardio (about 30 mins), strength training (2-3 days a week) and sometimes ab wk. My goal is to get abs I don’t know why i have this obsession but it is a good motivator in keeping me fit & healthy.

How are your fitness goals coming along? What types of workouts help you? Foods? Leave a comment below 🙂

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