Change can be fustrating…

First let me start with for the past couple of weeks I have been frustrated for just being stuck at my weight. I know I have been very successful but its easy to get fixated on a number and not see all of your progress.

Yesterday I went to my doctor to get a Sebeacous Cyst (benign) removed from my back near my neck/collar bone. It was an outpatient procedure and it was explained that it was going to be quick and easy. Well what I didn’t realize that I would not be able to work out while the incision healed on its own. That is about a week of no work outs -_-

On top of this work has been tough with many processes changes, staff changes and the big one some upcoming life changes. So yes change is frustrating but change can also very awesome. I know that it may be frustrating right now because things are not going the way I want them to but in life you only have two choices.

Look at the positive or negative. And I am going to choose the positive!

I can take this week to focus on my foods, focus on trying new recipes and just relaxing more.

Depending on my recovery of my incision, I may or may not be able to be back at working out. We’ll see.

Have a great day! Stay positive!

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