Photo Update: Weight loss motivation

It has been 4 1/2 months since i started tracking my weight loss on this blog. I have met many challenges,  injuries, schedule conflicts, illness overall LIFE. Thats all life, we all face challenges in staying consistent and continuing on our road to health & fitness.
But when you find yourself at square one for the millionth time you have 2 choices: giving up or moving forward. So keep moving forward and reach your goals.  So, who cares if its slower than expected at least you got there.

Today I didn’t measure myself but below are current before/after pics
Starting weight: 132 lbs
Current weight: 121.8 lbs
Difference: -10.2lbs





I love before and after pictures they really help you see your hardwork pay off. Especially when you dont see it within yourself. 

Due to a recent cyst removal I have not been able to workout for about a week and half. It really has made me feel like I am back at square one but after looking at these pictures it makes me realize that hardwork isn’t just erased and that eating healthy defeats all. Even though I can’t workout like I want I’m still eating healthy and that will keep me working towards my goals

Don’t give up and remember your goals! Your health should be #1 because without it you can’t do anything else.

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