12 Week Body Transformation


Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 Week Body Transformation Click Here for more information

I started working out more consistently over the last 5 months and now I wanted to try something different. I hit my goal weight and wanted to be more toned. My boyfriend had been doing the Buff Dudes 12 Week plan and he had encouraged me to look for one that I liked. A co-worker of mine introduced me to bodybuilding.com and I found a 12 week plan that looked like a good start.

I got a few friends to start the 12 week program and here we go. Week 1 done!

The program includes nutrition and supplement advice which i have reviewed but not doing. I am continuing my own healthy eating regime (see past posts for details) which includes eating Super Foods and hitting a goal of 34g of fiber and 100g of protein daily.

I do not take any supplements besides a daily vitamin. Though I do drink protein shakes (optimum nutrition whey protein) sometimes; i prefer to eat my protein from real foods or drinks.

This is a beginner program and I find that it is pretty easy/comfortable for anyone that has no experience lifting weights and you can start it without previously working out. My workout partners all find it easy and comfortable to do. With their permission (still need to ask) I will post their updates and thoughts.

I look forward to seeing mine and their transformations. Its exciting to be part of their fitness journey.

Have a Happy Fourth!!!

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