Starting Week 3 of 12: Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 week plan

This week we started Week 3 of the Jamie Eason’s 12 week body transformation. This week introduces some new exercises and an extra day of working out.

Day 1: Legs
This week adds one leg kettlebell deadlifts and barbell lunges.  I was worried that running before my workout would be tough but it was actually the humidity that got me.

It was so humid and it really brought us down. We had been working out in the evenings but today was at 10am since it was Sunday. 

I’m anxious to try the added exercises and having two leg days sounds like fun. I love leg days!

Here’s a pic of my home gym set up; my honey and I cleaned up and rearranged the garage. So proud of the home gym we’ve built up. 


At the end of next week I’ll post some pics and measurements.  My workout partner Melissa has already lost some inches, a whole inch around her waist. That truly motivated us both.

I asked Melissa how she felt about this week and today’s workout; here’s what she said:

I feel excited & happy starting a new workout & getting motivated by my neighbor/friend Norma…today felt a lil hard but I know I can do it! -Melissa

It was my first time being part of someone’s transformation and hopefully not the last. I absolutely love helping others and really enjoy seeing the results.

Have a great week!!!

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