HEB Blendables: Green Fuel Smoothie


Today I decided to give this prepackaged Smoothie a try. It simply contains: apples, spinach, bananas, pineapple & kale. For more informaiton on HEB’s Blendables click here They have serving suggestions.

It reminded me of the Pop Sugar’s Flat belly smoothie so I picked it out as my “free” smoothie. HEB was offering it free with a purchase of HEB Brand Greek Yogurt.  (they’re greek yogurt is awesome) I’m not sure of the cost since I only got it since it was free and I was already buying the Greek yogurt.

I added 1/2 cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt, some ice cubes and about 1/2 cup of water. The water or some liquid is necessary as the blender had a hard time until I added the water.

At first I wasn’t too sure of the taste but then after it settled it was sooo yummy. It was like a pina colada, I give it a thumbs up. I would like to try it some of the ways that HEB suggests. I will definitely try some of the others out! I would buy these for those days I don’t feel like chopping everything up.

Here are the nutritional stats: Please note this is for 2 servings of the Smoothie a total of 16oz

Calories: 195, Carbs: 41g, Fat 0g, Protein 12g, Fiber 4g

I would try these out for something quick when you don’t have time to cut up all the ingredients to make these smoothies.

Also the protein comes from the Heb Greek yogurt, the blendables themselves don’t have much of anything in them. A good filler for days you want something quick and easy. Also low in sugar.

Have a happy Tuesday

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  1. Norma G says:

    What if im the only one drinking it since its 2 servings. Is it ok to just try to dump half in or can i mix the whole bag n freeze half fir the next day?

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