Week 10 out of 12: Live Fit

Saturday we started Week 10, I know I’ve been a little MIA but I have a lot of things going on. All day I told myself I would blog about this week and last week. First last week was a new training week. The Jaime Eason Live Fit program added “active rest” meaning some intense cardio between lifting (mountain climbers, abs, jump rope, long jump, & etc.) It was good feeling like I got a good burn going.

This week started a new diet regime, its LOW CARB, normally I’m not one to play with my carbs but since its only for this week (to shred I’m guessing) I will do my best. I don’t usually crave sweets or junk food but ever since I told myself I would be eating low Carb all I want is CARBS lol. So two days down just 6 more to go. Below is a pic after my work out as you can see my body is glistening with all the wonderful sweat. The marco goals are 71g of Carbs, 198g of Protein and 38g of Fat. I’ve been tracking my food on MyFitnessPal as usual though these last few weeks I have been slacking.

For more information on the Live Fit 12 Week Program Click Here


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  1. gabethebabe says:

    You’re my hero. 👍

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