HEB: Light Greek Yogurt review



Today there was a nice surprise at HEB, there was a “light” version of their fabulous greek yogurt.  There was hardly any left so I got each of the different flavors that were left.


The “light” version has a light blue lid, is 100 calories, 13g of protein, 10g of sugar and no fat 👍.  The flavors that were left were melon, lemon sorbet, leche de dulce, and vanilla latte.  These are all flavors I normally wouldn’t even consider but HEB has not disappointed me so I am giving them a chance. I normally ONLY eat the reg HEB cherry Greek Yogurt.I saw that there was a grapefruit flavor in the reg Greek yogurt and grabbed that too since the macro nutrients looked good on it.

The first flavor that I tried was the Melon. My first thought was that its a weird flavor for a yogurt but I do like melon. I opened the top and I liked what I saw, a strained smooth yogurt. The texture was more like a mousse or thick whipped cream, which i really liked. No runny yogurt! The melon flavor was light and actually meshed well; it tasted like a Flintstones push up ice pop but healthy.  Lol. I give this flavor a 👍 up.

The next flavor I sampled was the Dulce de Leche; I bought it for my little one and gave it try when she was eating it. I’m not usually a fan of dulce de leche but it was awesome.  I would recommended to anyone that likes dulce de leche.

I will update the post or write a new post on the other two flavors Vanilla Latte and Lemon Sorbet.  I’m looking forward to eating the Vanilla Latte Greek yogurt tomorrow morning as part of my breakfast 😆

I’ll take pictures of the nutrition labels and posts those up since the HEB website doesn’t have them up.

Happy and Healthy eating!

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