Still going…

Since school has started it’s been a challenge to keep everything going and some weeks are better than others I’d like to say I’m still going.

I finished my weight lifting and started running again. I’ve tried to keep up with both but its hard with school. 

Here’s a lil more about me. I’m a 30 yr old raising a 10yr girl, working full time and this semester I started working on my PhD.  So yes i think I’m quite a bad ass to not only do 2 of those but all 3 at the same time.

Some weeks I admit are harder than others but its possible.  How is it possible?  Well I have to give up somethings that are non essential like tv or social media. Cutting out TV and including my little one on my runs is key… tv is a time waster so turn it off for 30 mins and go for a walk.


Start off small, start off with something you like and set a goal.  You have one body, treat it well and you’ll feel your great.

Happy Sunday!
Get moving

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