Fitbit Charge HR

Yes, I just wrote the Fitbit Charge HR, you read that correctly. I was part of the lucky group that received the email (on Dec 4) to buy the unreleased Charge HR by Fitbit. I’m not sure why they don’t release it now during the holidays but perhaps their hoping to get more buyers during the New Yrs Resolutions craze.

First, if you don’t know anything about Fitbits check them out at their website to learn more about them.  I originally received the Fitbit Force from my boyfriend for Valentines, best gift ever! Click here to read my review about it.

I absolutely loved the Fitbit Force and there was only two features I would have wanted “added.” The only two add-ons that I thought would make it better was a heart rate monitor and/or a GPS. I raved so much about the Fitbit Force it was sad that only a week later after getting it, it was recalled. I kept my Force until recently when it started to fall apart; so I sent it back for a refund (yay!).  The week I decided to send it back I received a PreRelease purchase email link for the Fitbit Charge HR.

I was so excited to be able to have the Charge HR, as the Charge that currently is being sold does not have a heart rate monitor.  I debated between the Charge HR and Surge but I knew that I did not want to spend $250+taxes on a fitness watch that was bulky for a GPS feature, since I wanted to wear it all day.  I love love my Fitbit Charge HR best decision ever. The Charge alone is great, it has a screen that displays the time/date, tracks steps, distance, calories, stairs, sleep and active minutes.  What makes the Charge HR better is for those work outs that don’t involve steps such as interval training, weight lifting etc. I had been doing weight lifting and knew that I was burning calories but had no way of knowing weather my heart rate was up or how much calories I was buring during those workouts.  You also can wear it all day, see your heart rate and you don’t need a chest strap like regular Polar heart monitors.

The added bonus is that it tells you what your resting HR is, how many minutes your were in the Fat burning zone, the cardio zone and at your peak.  What I have found, much like the Force, is that I have a new motivator to get my HR up.  Below are some of the screen shots from the awesome Fitbit app that shows you all your progress. If you’re not sure about a fitness watch, this is the best there is. I can honestly say that it is accurate and will keep you motivated towards your fitness/weight loss goals.

It also tracks your sleep and gives you information on your sleep patterns. I have now noticed that I like to have an avg of 7 hours, I don’t like more or less and on those days that I find it hard to get up it is because I have not had 7 hours a sleep.  Overall the Fitbit Charge HR is a great buy and is worth waiting for.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. I bought one and it arrived yesterday. Excited to kick off the new year with it!

    1. NoSanchez says:

      Let me know what you think, I love mine. 🙂

  2. Empy says:

    I got one just last week, love the watch, and the HR but the app doesn’t seem that great most of the time it has an exclamation on the charge hr it doesn’t update often, even if I’m in wifi, I have the watch on and the phone is beside me. I don’t know if its and issue with my regular bluetooth of what. Thanks for you comments.

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