15 miles complete ✔


Today I ran 15 miles, the most painful miles to date that I’ve ran. Running is very much a mind over matter sport, you have to overcome your negative thoughts and push through to meet your goal. 

I was really dreading this run and my mind was definitely working against me. I ran slower than normal and everything seemed to hurt. It was cold outside so I figured that added to the aches.  Even though I ran slower than I like I told myself that I would run it even if it was a slow jog. The last mile and half was the worse to keep going I did some positive self talk, reminding of myself of the reasons run and of course my reward of some pizza.

Along my run I got to see some bunnies and some nice waterfalls on the San Antonio Mission Reach.




I run because I can, I run for fitness reasons, I run to push myself past my limits and to show others that anything is possible.  During the run I hurt, I wanted to stop and now all that is gone (for the most part) so who won? Me, I beat me. I made it past the pain to run 15 miles.

Make sure to stretch and do strength training activities to reduce/prevent injuries. 

Happy Running!  Only a few more days left in 2014!

Looking for a challenge in 2015? Try the 2,015 in 2015 virtual race.

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