Another 13 miles done 🙆

Today I had another long run on the San Antonio Mission Reach along the river. I love running on the river,  it allows me to run almost any distance without having to loop back a billion times.

Today was an eventful 13 miles. As any other long run day, I am not ever excited to get out and run.  I finally made it out of the house around 11:45am and the temperature was about 50° and super sunny.  The weather was great and I thought to myself man I’m going to have a great run, maybe I can PR today. 

I’m running and right about mile 2 the weirdest thing happens i feel something bump into my thigh. I’m confused, I turn and see that its a dog, 3 actually but only one was barking at me and less than 6 inches away from my legs.

I’m stunned and have a billion thoughts cross my mine including damn this is ruining my time I can’t pause RunKeeper lol. There’s no one around and I’m debating my options, do I kick it? Run? Or hope someone comes to the rescue? The dog continues to bark and growl showing his teeth. I raise my arm like a shield, I’m only 5’1 afterall,  and figured raising my leg to kick it would cause it to bite me.  And in the back of my mind I’m still thinking man this is really ruining my time.  So, i stand my ground and yell no! Continuously until the dog just turns around and leaves.

I run these trails often and I had just passed the area and bikers were going the other direction. I have no idea why those dogs just came at me and what seemed like from out of nowhere. It was even more odd since they retreated back to the fields.  I keep going, thankful that I can still continue on my run.

I did see an elderly walking towards the area so I warn them about the dogs; after pausing my RunKeeper of course.

I continue on, the RunKeeper voice tells me my pace and I’m bummed but think oh well I’m getting 13 miles done today regardless of the time.

I pump myself up for the next 7 miles by dancing to my music and waving at passing cars and people.  I’m getting really pumped and feel my run time is getting within the zone. Under 2 hours and 15 minutes,  my current PR is 1:58:35 but that was out of the question due to hills.

Then I’m watching the birds in the sky and see my falcon. I swear I have a falcon that watches me on my runs, no its not because he lives in the area well maybe but still I say hi. Then I think I see two, close together. That’s a first, then woah its parachuters! That was definitely a first and really cool. I’m excited to see them pause to take a picture but can’t see anything because of the sun. 

I’m trucking along and I see a man with no shirt on, jeans and two dogs with a runners leash.  I wave and think wow today is a very funny run. This fuels me to keep going and I do. I’m almost done and feeling tired when at mile 12 I see a family taking pictures on the river.  That pumps me up, because its a beautiful spot, so I fist pump and wave as I run by. They smile and I’m fueled for one more mile.

I try to guess where my imaginary finish line would be and aim for it at top speeds. I imagine my boyfriend and daughter waiting and cheering me on. Am the only one that makes an imaginary finish line?

I finish and I’m proud of my 2hr 9min finish.  Oh did I mention that none of the fountains were working along the river so I only had one water stop, that was not cool. I survived but I will be contacting the SARiver Authority on that. I don’t like to carry things and plan my water spots along those fountains which I’m greatful for so when more than one isn’t working it really sucks.

Overall I feel great about this run, have you ever had a weird /eventful run at one of your usual routes?



34 miles done! 1981 to go


Here’s my usual massage after my runs. This Gold’s Gym Massage therapy capsule is aweome and less than $6 at Wal-Mart.  I love it and highly recommended it; especially after a long run.

Happy Running everyone and have a great week!

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  1. gabe your babe says:

    Love this blog 🙂

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