19w, Time Flies!

It has been WAY too long since my last post but I have been very very busy and tired.

I am 19 weeks pregnant, tomorrow we go for the Anatomy Scan and should be finding out the baby’s sex.

I’m done with these semester of school and will have about 3 weeks to relax. Since I don’t have school work, I’ll be kicking up my running again. Ugh, it’s been so hard. So for those pregnant mommies that run and work out from the beginning, they are my heroes.

There’s another thing no one likes to talk about, gaining weight. I can honestly say it’s tough when you’re use to your body looking one way and gaining the weight. I hate hearing “oh you’re getting big” or “you’re going to blow up.” Makes the thought of pregnancy that much less enjoyable.

Fortunately for me this pregnancy has not been hard. No morning sickness or crazy cravings. I was EXHAUSTED during the first trimester but that is gone for now. Unfortunately I hear it comes back in the 3rd trimester.

Best thing about being pregnant during the summer, is not worrying about swimsuit season. Ha ha ha.

My running and working out has been down to 1x or 2x a week. I hope to bring back to at least 3x-4x a week wish me luck.

May Goal:

  1. Run/Walk 3x a week
  2.  Light lifting 3x
  3. Eat more veggies!!

How is your fitness plan going? Any suggestions for work outs while pregnant? Foods to eat while pregnant?? How do I eat more veggies??



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