26 Weeks already, 14 weeks till baby is here

Every week I tell myself I’m going to post an update then weeks go by and I haven’t written a single thing.  I have just been busy as usual, taking two summer classes (one Tues 6pm-10pm and another on Sat 9am-3pm), working fulltime and raising my niece and I guess being a wife. Lol. I just don’t feel like much most days. Its a surprise I manage to squeeze a workout some days.

Pregnancy, has been good to me so far. I haven’t had any major complaints and I consider myself lucky. I know some people have terrible symptoms and others have terrible complications. So I recognize that being tired and wanting to do nothing is far better than feeling like crap or worrying whether baby will make it.

I have started a 30 day Squat challenge to give myself a butt lift and strengthen my lower body some…it has become a do it when I remember or feel up to it challenge. I’m up to Day 15 on the calendar and I started it the end of May. Lol. I have started Zumba again through the free classes offered by San Antonio’s Fit Family Challenge. This week I was able to attend two as my schedule changed yay!

I have come to realize how hard it is to keep active during a pregnancy and I commend those that can do it every day, every week etc.

So, keep moving and do what you can!

Below are pictures of me at

16 weeks –> 19 weeks –> 23 weeks –> 26 weeks


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