11 weeks Postpartum

It is now 11 weeks since we had our little dragon, and in less than a week I’ll be back at work. I’m sure I will be very sad when this happens.  Ugh, Idk how moms work out with a baby at home but I will do my best.

The first few weeks I didn’t do much and felt like I physically couldn’t but honestly I think it was more of a mind over matter. I’m also all about taking it slow. Go with how your body feels. Finally I was done being a bum.

So i looked up workouts on bodybuilding.com I completed the Jamie Eason 3 week prep (took me 4w lol) and just started the Jamie Eason’s Postpartum trainer. I’m on Day 4/5 I’m a lil behind but there is some progress here are my measurements and some pics!


11/8          12/20
L bicep 13in 12.25
R bicep 12.5in 12.25
Waist 35.5 34.75
Belly button 39.5in 40in
Hips/Butt 44 42.75
L thigh 22.5 21.5
R thigh 22.25 21.5
L calf 13.5 14.25
R calf 14 14

I’m going to guess the calf measurement was off to begin with but i’ll go with it.

Overall based on these measurements I have lost a total of 4.75 inches in 6 weeks. I still weigh the same 150lbs but just recently have started cutting back on sweets. It’s hard being HUNGRY all the time.



I am breastfeeding so idk if that has stalled my weight loss but what’s more important is that I’m keeping active and you can see my body toning up. WEIGHT is just another number.

Also I STILL don’t fit into any of my prepregnancy pants even my largest pants. I’d be crazy if I thought I could fit into my size 2s but it does sting that even my 6s don’t fit. So leggings for now and maternity pants… #noshame #keepingitreal

So here’s to another 12 weeks of working out. HARD WORK.

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