Update: 6 weeks Postpartum

Well there’s  alot of updating to do.

This is my last pregnancy picture at 40 weeks


After 36hrs of labor our lil dragon was born.



He has grown so fast! He is almost 6 weeks old.


Below is one picture 7 days postpartum  and the other is 38 days postpartum. My weight at 40w was 176 and now its 150. So my goals is to lose 20-25lbs, and to tone up.  I can’t  fit into my regular pants just yet and my tops make me look pregos but what does one expect. Some clothes looks more flattering and I’ve come to not worry too much about it.


I will be doing the Jamie Eason’s post pregnancy workout click here to find the workout.


My current measurements are

Weight: 150lbs
Waist: 35.5in
Belly button: 39.5in
Butt/hips: 44in
Thighs L/R: 22.5  22.25

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