140 days Postpartum!


So it has been 4 months and 17 days!

Time flies.

I started working out in November.  First I completed Jamie Eason’s 3 week Prep weeks and now I finished week 7 of her Post Pregnancy workout plan (5 more to go)

I finally lost 2lbs in 10 weeks! As I’m exclusively breastfeeding I can’t limit  my intake but i do eat healthy.   I didn’t measure myself today  but I know I’m trimming down and toning up!

I don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy pants but I’m getting close. I would guess I’m currently a size 8 as i still don’t fit my 6s. I don’t know for sure as i live in leggings & a pair of maternity jeans (that are fitting loose nowadays lol).

Here is a progress picture


If you look at my face you can see how much my face has slimmed down! Tiny changes but its progress!!

Our awesome homegym and it’s new set up.


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