7 months postpartum update

It has been 7months & 7 days since I gave birth to our lil dragon. It is the most amazing thing to be able to give birth to another life and living each of their milestones together. He is now crawling and trying to stand on his own. He has two teeth and he is still exclusively breastfeeding. I pump at work and while it’s not my favorite thing to do I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now to my workout results. First for anyone that is concerned about working out and breastfeeding I have to say trust your body.  I started working out 6 weeks postpartum and my intense workouts started at 5 months. I did notice drops but those mainly came around my menstrual cycle versus when I worked out.

Below are my results after the Clutch Cut 21 day workout plan. Please ignore my face.





Now I’m starting my new 4 week plan and its by Erin Stern Elite Transformation


My back fat is one of my trouble spots but it’s shrinking. Go to my vlog for daily updates.

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