227 days postpartum or 7.5 months

It is now 7.5 months postpartum and I am loving my progress.  Progress takes commitment, that is 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen. What you put in your body matters more than what you do in the gym.

For my first 5 months postpartum, I was working out (not as intense) but not watching my food intake. I was letting breastfeeding be TOO much of an excuse. I was worried that my supply would drop if I “watched” what I ate and let myself eat whatever for a lil too long.  Now that I am watching my macros (Protein, Fiber & Carbs) I am seeing more progress. My goal is 100g of Protein, 34g Fiber & less than 170g of Carbs per day. I don’t kill myself if I don’t but that’s my rough estimate.

I eat most of my meals at home and I have been eating frozen lean cuisines for lunch (I buy the red/brown boxes) and make sure I get the lowest carb ones. For breakfast I eat eggs, coffee and toast on most days, and my snacks are apples, bananas, oranges, & peanuts. For dinner, I have normal foods, chicken veggies, steak n veggies nothing out of the ordinary. I rarely eat junk food and if I have candy it’s usually a Reeses.  This was a lifestyle change that I started in 2014 and has become part of my routine.

I haven’t had any supply issues, but just trust your body. If you have a dip, figure out what’s going on perhaps its a lack of water, your period coming or a drop in need from baby (eating more solids) but don’t stress out. Your body knows what it is doing.

Below are my progress pictures.

The first picture shows my front progress, I still have a ways to go to reach my goal but I love my progress.   My waist line is getting defined again and everything is slimming down.


Below are my results from Day 1 of Clutch Cut to now, Day 8 of Erin Stern’s 4 week Elite Transformation.  As you can see there is progress!!! Losing that back fat!


I posted this pic from Day 1/Day 8 of Erin Stern’s 4 week program to show how my back is developing. My rear delts, lats & traps are creating a nice V enhancing my waist and getting rid of that back fat! In just one week.


I posted this picture so you can see the importance of taking pictures from all angles. Some days you will feel like you have not had any progress but maybe you just can’t see. here you see my belly shrinking! YAY!


This picture I included to show that sometimes it feels like you’re going backwards. But if you saw my other pictures you saw my progress. In this picture very little progress shows but my stomach is getting less flabby I see it!!


Progress takes time, just keep going. And when you get there make new goals!!

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