My postpartum journey to a size 2

Tomorrow will be 9 months of breastfeeding my little one and 7.5 months of working out. I was worried to start “watching” what I ate and working out since people said working out could reduce my milk supply well I am so happy to say that I big emphasis on “I” haven’t had any issues with my supply. I pump and breastfeed when I’m at home.  I have been able to lose weight and exclusively breastfeed my son.

Now I do have to say that my weight loss has been SLOW!! Oh it has been so slow but my body has toned up significantly and lately everyone at work has asked how I’ve managed to lose the weight. Here is a time line of what I have been doing the past 9 months to help those that just feel overwhelmed.  It helps me to see what I have been doing and where I can improve

  • Sep 29-Oct 1st 36hrs of Labor, weight 176lbs
  • Oct 1- Nov 12 First 6 weeks, I didn’t do anything different and probably indulged too much. Initial weight loss after baby 21lbs
  • Nov 12 at 6 week visit 155lbs
  • Nov 12 Started Jamie Eason’s preparatory workouts 3 weeks
    • Still wearing maternity pants
  • Dec 7 Started the Jamie Eason’s Post Pregnancy Trainer
    • Down to a size 6
  • Apr 11 Started Ashley Conrad’s 21 Day Clutch Cut
    • Reduced eating to 1600, cut out extra starches (bye bye cereal and bread)
  • May 4 Down to a size 4 (snuggly)
  • May 8 Started Erin Elite Transformation 4 week program
  • May 14 Ran 5k with stroller (nonstop whoo hoo!)
  • June 6 Starting running program 2-3x a week & Zumba 1x week
  • June 11 Ran hilly 5k w/o stroller
  • June 30
    • Still a size 4; Tops size S/M
    • Current weight 140 (so close to getting under 140, I feel it!)
    • I have been eating more ice cream; I blame the weather and running lol.

It has 9 months to get me where I am and my goal is a size 2 by 12 months. So, I have 3 months to reach my goal. I’m pretty sure that it will happen. My struggles have been in food at times but really your body truly changes after having a baby. My belly is so flabby & at this size before my belly was not this pudgy, and it’s so hard to explain, I think other mamas can understand what I’m talking about.

I couldn’t do all this without my supportive husband.  I work full-time and I attend graduate courses 2x a week, so if I can squeeze my workouts between, work, school and breastfed baby you can squeeze in a 20min workout. Get out there!!

Here are my GOALS for the next 3 months

  • Run 2-3x a week
  • Weight train 2x a week
  • Zumba 1x a week
  • Reduce refined carbs and junk food (1 cheat day a week only!!)

Let’s see if I can do it! Send me any questions, or comments! I’d love to hear about your journey or goals.

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  1. alaking2 says:

    Great job momma! Yes the body does change after birth and all we can do is embrace it. Wether you reach your goal or not in 12 months be proud of all you done! You should be commended for all you’ve put in while managing such a hectic schedule! You give new moms hope that hey don’t have to settle! Keep it up and stay strong!

    1. NoSanchez says:

      Thank you. Sometimes idk how i do it. Its such a balance

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