Stop counting calories…

I wanted to share my experience with eating healthy and how to figure that out. I use to worry about counting calories and thought I was doing a good job till I got stuck and couldn’t lose weight. I was eating 1200 calories and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight.
Well it took some time and reading to figure out what worked for me and now I aim for 1600 calories. Once i switched to superfoods and stuck with making my food at home 80% of the time the weight not only came off but I gained muscle.

Now instead of counting calories i aim for macros 100g of Protein, 34g of Fiber and i try to eat good carbs only.

It takes practice and time but eventually it becomes a habit and you’ll enjoy your food better.

Let me know if you have questions, I’d be glad to share my knowledge.

Running 4-5x a week 1200 Calories

Picture 2: Running, weight lifting, 4x a week 1600 calories

For full post on pictures below click here



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