10 Mos Postpartum & Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Yesterday my baby boy turned 10months and boy did the months fly by. He is still breastfeeding and eating lots of foods. While he has grown, I’ve been determined to get my prebaby body back and to lose the fat.

On my postpartum fitness journey I have learned new things on weight “loss” versus “losing” fat. Sounds like the same thing but after the first few chapters of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto I realize that it is NOT the same thing.    There’s lots more to it and if you’re interested in reading more about it I’d recommend the book.  I’m listening to the audio book (FREE) through my library’s website.

So, drumroll please…. I am officially at my prebaby weight 130lbs! So yay! Kinda…. I say kinda because while I’m at 130 lbs it is not the old 130lb self that I was before I had a lot more lean mass and now have more fat especially in my midsection. I’ve slim down and I fit into my clothes pretty well BUT I’m not the old 130 and I probably won’t ever be.  My body is different and I will tone up every part of me that I want! It’s just going to look different and be different.  My body expanded to fit a lil human inside and now it’s trying to go back in place and in 10 months it has doing a pretty good job.  I don’t have abs but I really didn’t before except for a few months (in 2014). I never checked my body fat then (Summer 2014) so I don’t know what body fat to aim for but I’m going to try 19-20% that means I want to lose  9-10lbs of fat.  I think at my leanest in 2014 I was weighing about 120  so that sounds about right in relation to what I weigh now.

Below is my favorite part before and after pictures. There is no sugar coating just real pictures of a person that loves fitness and showing REAL progress… no photoshop, no angles and no short cuts.

Leave me any comments or questions!

Height  5’1   age 32yo

Remember everyone is different and your body is different. Set your goals and work towards them.

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