No Excuses!!!

I have many reasons not to work out but they don’t stop me from working out.   I have a 10 month old whom I breastfeed, I work full-time, I attend graduate school part-time, I’m married and I’m raising my 11 yr old niece who starts middle school this year.  And if you have any of these things on your plate, well you know how hard it is to get anything done.
But I say NO EXCUSES!! While it may feel like you don’t have any time to work out for even just 30 minutes at home, the reality is that you do have time!   You could do jump jacks, high knees, jogging in place, arm circles (the list goes on) … during commercial breaks if you couldn’t bare not watch TV for 30 mins.  You don’t watch commercials?? Lucky you, you can then do all that during a 30min show!   So there are no excuses to fit in a workout. I know people spend at least 2hrs watching TV a day. So you can use 30mins to improve your fitness.  If you can’t manage that then you DON’T want to lose fat, you don’t want to “be healthy” etc etc etc

Everyone has a laundry list of things to do in their daily lives. If you really want it then you will find the time for it.  Just start small.

For the last 7 months (yes 7 mos, not 10months) I have worked hard to stay active and eat healthy and I have seen my results! I am damn proud of them too and I can’t wait to see how much I can improve by 10/1.  Will I have abs? Will I lower my body fat? Will I be in my size 2s? (yes, yes, yes) well that is the goal at least we shall see.

Remember if you want it bad enough you CAN do it. Shoot, do 20 body weight squats every time you use the bathroom (preferrablly after lol) fit it in when you can and lil by lil you will see your results… just don’t forget the nutrition piece that’s the important part!

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