RnRSA 12/4 Soreness vs Pain

It has been a week now since I’ve completed my 5th Half marathon.  The conditions for this run were pretty terrible.

It started off not too bad with light rain and 50 degree weather. An hr in, and it poured rained so bad, I just wanted it to end lol.  I didn’t PR and to make it worse I hurt my hip.  At the  end of my run I could barely walk.  I stepped in a pothole and didn’t feel the pain until the end.

My left SI JOINT or ligament are messed up. today a week later  (after two treatments with the Chiropractor) I tried running . .. more like jogging as i moved so slow lol. it didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel right . 

I can do the upright bike which I did about 25 mins. Tomorrow I will be trying for an hr.  I hope i can be running soon and doing my full as planned in Jan.

We shall see.

Remember if it’s painful something is wrong don’t ignore it! 

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