DNF: Did not finish

This weekend was the first race I started but did not finish.  

My husband and I attempted the Spartan Super in Austin this wkend.  I’m proud of my husband for completing 8+ miles and 25+ obstacles.  That race was no joke,  definitely doable, my inability to finish was not the race itself but my failure to hydrate properly the night before and the day of the race. 

Unfortunately i suffered heat exhaustion at mile 6 and was not able to finish it. This weekend i definitely question myself and ability to continue on my other goals.  It really messed up my mind in feeling like curling into a ball and just giving up this fitness part of my life.  Thankfully I have strong and loving people to help me forward during this time. Reminding me that this is NOT a failure, only a DNF and learning lesson on what to do better next time.

Even the greatest have fell only to become stronger.  I will conquer the Spartan one day!  So do not let your failures define you,  fight hard to come back! 
Now on to my new goal… to be announced. 

This was before the race

After the race

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