Bikini Prep: 13 Weeks out

This past week was crazy, for work we had an all day training and a half day of team building. That is great except that it threw off my whole schedule and eating.  I worked my best to track my macros but felt short this week (not sure if I just let myself slide too much or if my body is just holding on to more weight right now.) Soooooo AvatarNutrition (my macro calculator) cut my intake 😦 Let’s see how this week goes.  I also added 10 mins of cardio and an extra session of cardio this past week.

So last week I did 5 days of lifting, 2 days of those days I did cardio and 3 days of abs.  Then Saturday I did a MISS cardio (medium intensity steady state) for 30 minutes.  To see my whole plan for my training click here.

I got my shoes!! Thanks to a FB group for GetFitGoFigure (free to join) and one of the ladies there posted about Amazon Prime having a sale on Ellie Shoes that I couldn’t pass up. So I got my competition heels for $31!! (w/ tax might I add)  Picture below of shoes.

I wouldn’t recommend standing on a gym mat as the heels puncture holes 😣😣😣

Thanks for reading!

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