12 Weeks out

So, I am 12 weeks out that’s 84 days or 2016 hrs, or 120, 960 minutes… and I am nervous as can be. Today I went to my first posing session, fortunately a local trainer hosted a FREE session that included posing practice and we were given 1:1 tweaks during that time. I am so thankful to have had some free posing practice to know what I need to work on.
While I was there I got to see other women that are on their own bikini prep, some working with the trainer specifically, others on their own or a coach, and some just there to get some information.  I will be going to Tina the Trainer from RX Physique  for my posing lessons.

One important lesson I learned is that I cannot compare myself to anyone there. We all have different bodies, different goals and strengths. I couldn’t help comparing myself and wondering if I was heading the right direction.  I did a little research and some of the women were either a week from their show or had just completed a show.

I’ve had a lot of self-doubts this week and I guess that it is something that I will have to work through every week. The SCALE drives me crazy. I feel like I’m not progressing but my photos tell me otherwise. I’m going to start taking measurements to help me on this.  As I know I’m doing everything I need to do, the process is SLOW and I need to keep reminding myself about this.

Below is a photo from the session, I didn’t get any good footage but I hope I will during my next session.

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