4 weeks out…

That’s 28 days until I step on the stage of mt first bodybuilding bikini competition. I was hoping to write more through out this process but with school and so many changes happening it has been very difficult to take time to write.

I will be the 1st to say that anything is possible and there’s no such thing as an excuse. We may have reasons that make it harder to reach our goals but that only means we have to work harder for what we want. No ever said life is fair and if you want something, whatever that is, you’ll have to work for it.

Let me tell you a lil about myself, I am a 33yo with 1 bio son (soon to be 2) and my 12yo (adopted), I work full time (just got a promotion, I’m a mgr and were in the middle of an integration), I am working on my Phd (3rd yr) and I still have my family life obligations. My husband and kids support me and we make it work. They have their own things too and we manage it all together. Everyone plays a part in our success as a family.
I work hard everyday some days are easier than others but I do it day in and day out. For me, my family and our happiness

Here’s some progress photos

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