6 days out

As I reflect on this bikini prep, I was thinking about how my “before” pictures may be misleading, I was a healthly size 4 and now I’m a LEANER size 00. I went from a 29.5 inch waist to 26 inches.

I can see how this ‘sport’ of bikini prep and body building can lead to some eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

I share this because I like to be transparent and empowering. Once the show is down I will begin a reverse diet and see what my body does. Will I be as lean? Will I be as small? Only time will tell.

When looking at photos or motivation to reach your goals, take time to know that your body may not have the same results as your “idols” especially if you generically have a different shape. I’m very rectangle. My shoulders and hips are about the same size, I’ll never have a tiny waist with big hips, my body isn’t shape that way.

There are many factors and I couls write forever, but this post is to remind you that pictures only show a small portion of the story.

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