Should I compete?

The first question is something that most of the coaches I contacted asked me was “why do you want to compete?” This question is really important, because when it gets hard the answer, the reason, etc that made you want to compete is what will keep you going to reach that goal.

So, take some time to really think about it. For myself, it was hard to answer when they asked. I felt like I was in an interview giving a standard answer. I stated, “I really respect bodybuilding and I’ve been working out for x number of years and would like to give it a try.” I mean seriously I had many reasons.

My husband and I would watch bodybuilding shows and I loved to watch the bikini & figure classes. I loved seeing their transformations and of course those ABS. I wanted ABS as vain as that may sound it was one of my biggest motivators. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it. I wanted to conquer the stage in my best physique and win! Of course, just transforming my body was a win, but let’s face it we all want to win, it is a competition after all.

If you want to compete because you want to lose weight, that is really not a ‘good’ enough reason in my mind. During the prep yes you will lose weight and lean out but these standards are way higher than anything that real life needs.  I don’t mean this to discourage you but to give you a real idea of the challenges you may face.

I started my prep at a size 4, that is not by any means “big” and most people (when I mentioned doing a competition) were surprised I needed to ‘lose’ weight. I explained I need to lose body fat not weight necessarily. I am now a size 0, never would I have expected to be a 0! I wasn’t even a 0 in high school and I was always very small and in sports. I am 5’1, I went from 127lbs to 112lbs.

Next is, do you want to commit to this for minimum 12 weeks? For your first prep you should do 16 weeks to really get to know your body. Another thing to know is that , lots of people won’t understand why you are doing this and it can lead you to become lonely on this journey.

Competition prep will take up some time commitment for workouts and meal prepping. If you’re already working out 1-2hrs and meal prep, it won’t be anything new.  Is it possible with a full-time job and other family responsibilities? YES the answer is a big fat YES! And that is where the commitment comes in. I work full time 8-5, I attend school part-time working on my Phd (6hrs) and I have 2 kids with their own activities.  In the middle of my prep, I received a promotion and became a manager. So YES it is possible, yes it can become challenging but VERY VERY possible.

So ask yourself why you want to compete and think if those things can get you to finish out the prep. Competitions are NOT CHEAP so you don’t want to waste your money. If your goal is to lose weight, I’d highly recommend picking something else.

And remember, you can do anything!!

Thank you for reading! Leave me any questions or comments below I would love to hear them!

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  1. Awe this post gives me hope!! Lol I’ve been struggling with figuring out a good schedule. I know it’s possible. But it is definitely challenging.

  2. NoSanchez says:

    It’s hard. Making connections with people in prep helps. Having like minded people to vent to helps too. Feel free to msg me any time. Or DM via instagram @NoSanchezFitness

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