45 days Post Show

It is now 45 days past my show and I have been a busy bee. I’ve had an obstacle run, and now this Sunday I have my half marathon, this will be my 6th half Marathon! I’ve completed one each year since 2013!!!

I am hoping to PR on this race, to beat my last time of 1:58 mins. I may be crazy but my goal is 1:45 mins. I am going to meet up with a friend and his goal is 1:45 as well. We shall see.

Below is a picture of me 5lbs more than show day. Eating about 1500 calories, reverse dieting is SUPER hard during the holidays. It’s probably the worse time to “let loose” Thanks to avatar it is really helping me reel myself in.

The first 3 weeks I was definitely over indulging and now i’m trying to keep myself under 120lbs and or under 20% body fat. My goal is to do another competition and I don’t want to start where I did last year. While it’s feasible I want to start better than before to look better than this year.

Happy Holidays!!! Oh and Monday is my Birthday!

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