Update: 3 Weeks Post Show

Hey everyone!

It is now 3 weeks post show and I have been “Reverse Dieting” with Avatar.  What is “reverse dieting” you ask? Well there is plenty of information on the internet so I will keep it brief.  When one is “dieting” or “cutting” there is a calorie deficit in order to lose weight, then a reverse is the opposite. Instead of decreasing calories to lose weight you are increasing calories to get your metabolism back on track. You increase you’re intake slowly to avoid rebound and a drastic weight gain.

Well let me tell ya’ it is hard to ‘stick’ to this slow increase. I am doing my best and it is going ok.  Yes, just okay. LOL.  My weight show day was 111 – 112 18-19% body fat, today I weighed in at 115.4 19.7% up from last week which was 113.8 19.4%.  The only difference is that I am close to my (menstrual) cycle and that may be causing me to retain water.  I could also be retaining due to my increase of carbs, my weight lifting etc.

While the scale says I have “gained” my body fat has stayed about the same, so really I’ve only gained a little of weight and gained some lean muscle mass.

I forgot to post this when I wrote it but I thought it would be good to still have my thoughts out there.

Comment below on your thoughts.

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