2018 Goals…

Today is the first day of 2018, and as usual I woke up and worked out. Fortunately I had today off so it’s nice to have another day to sleep in.

How many of you have already set your goals for the year?? I have started but for some reason this year feels so big, maybe because I have one BIG academic goal! And that is to start & complete my dissertation research. And to graduate next Spring. I will be Mrs. PHD it seems so crazy to think about how quickly the time passed. Every moment of my educational career has led up to this. And to make things even better my tutition is being reimbursed by my work!! Talk about a cherry on top of it all.

2017 was a great year to me. I had challenges just like anyone else but I worked hard to reach my goals.

In 2017, I joined Avatar Nutrition and began macro counting (changed my world), competed in my first body building competition (Novice Bikini in the NFF Division) and placed 3rd, I ran my 6th half marathon and PR! Ran it in 1:52 minutes whoop whoop. I was promoted at work into a management position and finished all of my coursework for my PhD program.

So 2018 goals, have not been set in stone quite yet. Since they seem so big, I think for this month I will start with Jan 2018 goals.

For Jan my goals are, continuing to lift at least 3x a week, stick to my macros (reverse dieting) and complete my proposal defense. I also want to try to start journaling again. I’m so cheap I want a journal but don’t want to spend the money. I guess a blog is free right but I can’t put everything I want in blog.

See you in my next post. In the meantime, check out my other media venues:

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Thank you for reading! Comment below on what you’d like me to write about!


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  1. A blog is most certainly a journal, but if you feel like you have too many private thoughts to write out you could always create a Word or Google doc to keep as your journal. Still free! 🙂

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